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Kalyway no install - Intel DG33TL Q6700


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I have an Intel Quad Core Q6700 running on a DG33TL mother board, both the 120GB HD and DVD drive are SATA and are fully recognized. Now I read in the HCL that the DG33TL the video, the audio, the Lan don't work, thats fine I'll cross that bridge when I get to it. Firstly I can't even get to the installer screen.


I get to the Darwin bootloader and it asks for F8, and all that so the first time I was plugged into the on board graphics and let it do its thing. It goes and goes and goes, and then it hangs on a nice gray screen with the Apple logo on it, and thats where it stays. So I read enter -v at the loader, I do and text begins to flash before my eyes, it eventually hangs on






So thats step one...... which didnt work. So I figured its the video card, so I go pick a BFG 8600 GT 256MB OC which in HCL says it works, install it, go to boot from the Kalyway DVD and now I don't even get the Darwin, so now I'm even further back then I was before.


So help........ please.........

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