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HELP! Can not boot Tiger with my "Asus eee PC"

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I wanna do like this guy's ASUS.



Laptop...Eee PC (ASUS) <---totally same laptop as his one.

My installation DVD..."hd(111,1) uphuck 10.4.9 Install DVD v1.3" <--It should be same as his one.(I guess)


See the 1st picture. This is a part of installation menu. There are some options.

Actually I have tried to install with several patterns of combinations between "Intel SSE" and "Universal Kernel" on this menu.

But all can not boot.


See the 2nd picture.

After the installation is finised, this screen appears.

The issue is, nothing happen although I enter "enter key", "enter -v" ..


As far as I checked, the deference between mine and the Youtube guy's setting is BIOS of each laptop.

According to his web album, his BIOS can be changed "FSB", mine can not be changed.

His BIOS is

See "IMG_0080" from the following URL.



Thus I think my setting is wrong.

Please advise me what did I mistake and what should I check on the option menu on the 1st picture.



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