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dell inspiron 1501 install problem


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Ok i need some help here

im trying to install

JaS.10.4.8 AMD/Intel on my dell inspiron 1501 dua1 booting with xp sp2 which is already installed.

it loads the disk fine but when i goto Utilities/Disk Manager (or whatever its called) it can only detect the disk drive and not the HDD so i cant wipe my partition i have set up for it so i cant install OS X so please help and this time dont delete my post


amd athlon x2 64bit tk-55 turion technology based

1gb ram

256mb of ram is shared with video card

ati raedon mobility x1150

120gb hdd

cd/dvd +- Wr Drive (no idea what one)

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I tried to get it working on mine for nearly a week. Gave up. There is a method of booting into xp from a usb and then pre-formatting the hard drive. I've actually got the HDD to show up in disk utility but I don't get anything after installing the os and rebooting. (uphuck 10.4.9)

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That's what I was trying to tell you.


This is how I got my hard drive to show up.




Specifically referring to step 5,


5. In the command window, type:


>> List disk

>> Select disk [disk #]

>> List partition

>> create partition primary id=af

>> active


The only way (personally) I have got this to work is by booting off of a usb and then formatting the hard drive inside my laptop from windows xp.

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