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Installing from vmware


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I'm trying to install osx on my laptop. The situation is not very easy because the harddisk is not empty, there is already a windows installation and a rescue partition from the factory. I initialy tried to boot a 10.4.8 jas dvd but that didn't work out (com.apple.boot.plist error). So I tried running the installer from vmware under windows (and later linux), however right after the language selection the installation will crash with some bad exception. Next I tried a pre-installed 10.4.7 vmware image, that worked like a charm! So I do have osx running within vmware. So I tried installing from within the vmware osx. I tried first to create a HFS+ partition on the physical disk with diskutility, that gave me a partition table error. After some searching I managed to create a HFS+ (primary) partition with partedmagic.


So now I have first a primary NTFS partition with windows, second an empty primary HFS+ partition, and a primary fat32 rescue partition. The disk MBR I want to leave as it is, it allows me to gain access to the rescue partition. Besides I have seen tutorials using the windows bootloader and chain0 to boot osx.

So I went back to the vmware 10.4.7 image and ran the installer from there. The installer ran good this time! There is even data on the physical partition. However I cannot boot osx. The chain0 method gives me a chainloader error and using wingrub I get also an error. So with "dd" I tried to copy the vmware 10.4.7 virtual harddisk onto my (now empty) HFS+ partition (I tried with and without skip=63). Also that didn't work. Next I checked the first 512byte of the HFS+ partition, which were empty. So with dd I copied the first 512byte from the vmware 10.4.7 OSX installation onto the now filled HFS+ partition. I don't get a chain0 error but it doesn't boot either, and grub gives me a HFS+ error.

I also tried something with bless, but I have absolutely no idea what bless really does...


This is what my grub entry looks like:

title OSX at (hd0,1)

root (hd0,1)


chainloader +1


So I'm a bit lost and I hope someone can help.

First: I assume its possible to install osx on a second primary partition (not the very first one)?

Second: If I can install osx and can also dd osx on my physical partition, how can I get it to boot?

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