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[Guide] Clone existing Mac 1.5.2 to PC's hardrive


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I have been using a MacBook for over a year now, and i fell deeply in love with the stunning Mac OS X, both when i bought the MacBook, and last year, when I bought my Leopard.

I have looked around both the internet, and this nice forum for a perfect, and not too Torrent'ed solution.


I got as I said, a MacBook, a HP Pavillion a6133.sc, and right now I'm running the Mac OS X on the last one. Here's what you need:


An existing Mac with Leopard 1.5.2, hopefully a legal one.


A SATA hardrive which can both be connected (externally) to the Mac and (internally) to the PC.


Here's the guide.


1) You will need to wipe your hardrive from the Mac, so connect it to your Mac!


2) Go into Finder > Programs > Utillities > Diks Utillit.


3) Select your hardrive (not the underlying partition of it).


4) Select the Partitioning tab.


5) Select from the drop drop down menu, 1 partition.


6) Go into settings and select the drive to be set up with GUID partition table.


7) Give your drive a good'n'easy name.


8) Now click partition. WARNING! It wipes your drive fully, so make backups of any data of importance before.


9) Before quitting disk utillity, right click on your drive from the list on the left side, and hit information. Remember your drives number ("disk1s2" for instance)


10) Now quit Dsik Utillity, and get the patch attached to this forum subject:



11) When it is unzipped, rename the folder to something more easy to rember, and drag it to your home folder.


12) Open up the folder, and open "pre-patch.sh" in TextEdit. Everywhere it says something about the disk's name, give it the name. When it ask for the disk number,

fill in the X'ses and Y'es with the right numbers.


13) Run the prepatch: Launch the terminal. You have put your folder into your home drive, and terminal starts there, so write this code in terminal: cd "~/foldername"

Foldername should be replaced by the name you gave the patch's folder. Run the patch from terminal by typing: sh pre-patch.sh


14) Now download Carbon Copy Cloner, run it, and make the cloning begin. REMEMBER! Do not wipe the disk you just have patched!:



15) After the cloning finishes, open the post-patch in TextEdit.

Change the Destination-drive to the name you gave the disk.

Delete evry code you can see will patch hardware you haven't in your pc. This tool is based for a specicifc Gigabyte motherboard, and will only help people with such a board.


16) Open up terminal. Cd to the folder of the patch (see topic 13 for more info) and run this command: sh post-patch.sh


17) Unmount the drive from your Mac, open up your PC, and make connection between your PC and the now internal drive!


18) Go into BIOS on your computer, and the SATA configuration, set your drive to use the AHCI type.


18) Boot up, you get all existing user accounts, and all files, games, apps and so.


20) You'll need a lot of drivers, for instance netcard, sound, video and so. But there can be as many of those types as chineses of Beijing. I prefer you get them from your real Mac, and transfer them onto the PC by a USB-key. You can find most of the existing stuff from this forum! Good luck!

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