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question on Kalyway 10.5.1 install 'vanilla ACPI fix'


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I have installed things this way on my HW config (see signature, based on Asus P5W DH): All defaults, no extra package selected during install.


Things worked fine, except graphics, so i then installed the nvinject package from the DVD (and from OSX). Same story for the sound, so I just installed the HDA_ACL882 from the DVD image. Reboot, all good. Everything is fine. Then I heard about the Vanilla kernel and realized I should have installed things differently in the first place.


The recommendation was:

- select vanilla kernel

- select vanilla acpi fix


Regarding Vanilla, the story is that even though i didn't select it, it's on my Leopard disk (file 'vanilla' under /). I can boot with option 'vanilla' at startup and everything is fine (I did have to modify a couple of BIOS settings to avoid the reboots at startup with this option).


So now my questions:

- Is is safe for me to install the 'vanilla kernel' package now (from OSX, using the kalyway DVD install image)? I know I could probably just change things by hand to default to vanilla instead of pressing enter at startup and typing 'vanilla', but I'm guessing just installing this package would set things up automatically.

- Is it safe to install the 'vanilla acpi fix' and what is that really supposed to 'fix'?


FYI: I did some research and read tons of threads and posts on kalyway. I just never found a clear explanation of what this 'fix' is for and if I actually need it. Please point me to the forum that might have addressed this question already if it's actually somewhere already.

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