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Reboot problem with XP


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So i broke down and got the darn Leopard disk. Problem solved on the drivers issue.


I clear my old partition and make a new one (230 GB)


I install a bootleg copy of windows xp pro SP2 (on PB if you wan to know exactly which one)


I go through the motions of installing Windows...and then i install the Leopard disk drivers into it. There. Done.


I do several hours of DLing steam games and whatnot, and decided to go back to the mac side for some Itunes and other stuff.


I try to come back to the windows side this morning and it gives me a "had a problem starting" shtick. Ok, unlike all the other times this has happened to me, i INSTALLED IT WITH THE LEOPARD DISK. But alas, the arrow keys it asks be to use to choose my mode STILL DON"T WORK.


my question is how can i fix this? and WHY DOES IT HAPPEN? It's rather frustrating to finally have used the right {censored} and still come up with the same error.


any help i would greatly appreciate.

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