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Leopard installation Via USB HDD


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I posted my list of problems , after burning many DVD's at various speeds ..including 1x, 2x ..the leopard installer(iatkos v1.0ir2) still just wud not run off...giving the classic..80 conductor cable not found.."still waiting for root device" error...

after research and thanks to the insanely mac forums...i believe by DVD is just "unfriendly"


also i heard that there's way that you can "burn" the dvd to a usb hdd or partition..and run the installer off the usb hdd.. i have a usb 160gb hdd lying around i can use..


just i dunno how to do it... i see that there's a "dd" way thru linux..and have NOT tried that as yet..

but i was wondering if there's a way to "burn" a dvd image to a usb hdd..


help will be highly appreciated..


- ~bladesreloaded~

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