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GA-EP35-DS3P Installs but doesnt boot - it reboots!


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I have just bought a GA-EP35-DS3P and a Ge-Force 8600GT to make a hackintosh and using my current CPU which was a P4 3.2ghz HT. I am using the Kalaway install disc. It installs fine and I formatted with GUID Partition Table and selected the EFI GUID Patch and installed it with the vanilla kernel but when it instals it gets to the bootloader and when it trys to start MacOS it just REBOOTS :hysterical:


Help Me!

Im going to upgrade to a Quad Core Q6600 and If i need to I wll get it later on but need to know if I ahve been doing anything wrong. Im pretty sure i have the BIOS set up correctly using this guide:




Am I doing anything wrong, or do i just need the new processor?




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