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JAS mac os 10.4.8 installation usb key board , ps2 mice not recognized


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Hi guyz...


I am trying to install jas mac os x10.4.8 on windows xp. Iam trying to use the Acronis OS selector installed on the windows xp. I put in the MAC osx dvd into the DVD drive and booting from the DVD to install osx . Once i get the Mac Os X installation screen with the top menu "installer, File" etc. There is also pop up with message "welcome to Jas 10.4.8" on the top.


The problem is that iam not able to use key board or mouse. Iam using a ps2 mice and usb key board . I know tht i need to select "utilities" for continuing on the installation.Can somebody please help what needs done to activate keyboard and mouse?


the mouse is at 0,0 postion only.


the mice nad keyboard are of 3rd party. the computer is a custom built with amd athlon 64 2000 .


thanks very much



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