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About This Mac crashes in Zephyroth 10.5.2 AMD EFI Installer

Ben Reilly

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To those who have installed the Zephy 10.5.2 AMD Leopard, i have found a quirk in it and would like to know if anybody else is having this conundrum (that and if anyone may have a better solution).


My hardware is as follows:


AMD Athlon64 x2 3800+ Dual Core [sSE3, socket AM2]

ECS C51GM-M [NorthBridge: C51PV/G Southbridge: MCP51/G] (NForce410/430 MCP)

Maxtor 40 GB PATA 7200rpm HDD

Built-in AC97 Audio

D-Link DFE-528TX PCI

Inno3D Nvidia GeForce 7300GT DDR2 256MB PCI-Express

2GB Corsair DDR2 RAM PC667

Monitor: Viewsonic VG1930wm 19" Widescreen


A freshly installed Leopard, upon boot, works fine expect for the "About this Mac" option which crashes the Finder. But everything works fine. Especially when I attach all my USB gadgets. My iPod mounts without any problem, and I was surprised when I can use my PS/2 keyboard with my USB optical mouse with no problems.


Then I decided to use this solution to make "About this Mac" work, and it did. ONLY this solution somehow made all my USB devices NOT WORK anymore. Still there's a solution for it, which I employed. Everything seems to work, except I find now that I have the USB drive mounting problem, and my USB mouse no longer works in conjunction with my PS/2 keyboard.


Anybody else experiencing this? Basically, I have to choose between making "About this Mac" work or making all my USBB devices work.


Is there another way to make both work?


THanks in advance.

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