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Unable to patch iATKOS 1.2


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Plz help me!! I had installed iATKOS ir1.2 on my OSX's partition but I cant patched it using usb drive because my pen drive wasnt really regconized (I thoutht). Actually, in Disk Utilities, it showed up the pen drive (Brandname, size) but the line PATCHER was grey (I named the label as PATCHER) and the Seclect Destination screen didnt show the pen drive. When I skip the patching part to try booting in, the screen showed mess blotches. Here are my specs and the installing steps so far:


Specs (every one is at stock speed)

- Cpu: E2160

- Mobo: GA-P35-DS3L


- VGA: HD2600XT



- used a 30-gigs partition to install, named it as Leopard, format: HFS+ (MBR)

- didnt choose any additional options beside installing MAC OS X

- extract BrazilMac-9a581-patch.zip and copy those folders to a 256MB pen drive (format: FAT32)

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