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chain0 with non-active partiton?


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I'm just trying to dual-boot WinXP and Zephyroth 10.5.2 from one harddrive.

Since my WinXP is encrypted with TrueCrypt Full Disk Encryption, I cannot use the Darwin Bootloader, so I tried the chain0 method.


Partition 1: WinXP (primary, 10GB, encrypted)

Partition 2: MacOSX (primary, 20GB)

Partition 3: encrypted stuff (900GB)


I copied the MacOSX-Installation from another drive to partition 2 with SuperDuper, booting it from DVD works fine.

However, SuperDuper marked Partition 2 as active and that way TrueCrypt cannot boot Windows. When I change partiton 1 back to active with fdisk, TrueCrypt works, but when choosing MacOSX from the Windows-Boot-Menu I get "chain booting error".

So does the MacOSX-partition need to be active for chain0 to work or may I have made another mistake?


help would be much appreciated. :)

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