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few questions re: ATI X1400 128MB video card


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ok....running Kalyway 10.5.1 on IBM Thinkpad T60 with the video card ATI x1400 128MB. No complaints so far...things work great except for watching DVDs. HOWEVER, I can watch a DivX movie without problems with a divx player. Here are my basic questions:


1. If i can watch a divx movie without problems but not a DVD (.vob file), do I have a video driver problem or just a DVD playback problem?


2. When I put a dvd into the drive, it states the name of the DVD but then i get an error...'There was an initiliziation error. A valid video device could not be found for playback. (-70017)'. Anyone know how to fix this?


3. When I try using the latest VLC player to play the movie, it seems to load the .vob file, a black screen pops up like it is going to play the video, then it crashes every time. any ideas?


4. Lastly, does anyone know if updating to 10.5.2 improves this or am I just f&^%ed because of the ATI video card? Of what I've read, the 10.5.2 update has some other problems that I dont want to have to redo my computer if possible.


Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Please keep in mind that I am a newb to all of this. thanks!



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