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iATKOS vs Kaylway vs ?


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Can someone explain the differences between the iATKOS, Kaylway, BrazilMac and/or any other popular load?


On my Intel BadAxe 2 (D975Xbx2) I loaded iATKOS with EFF and the vanilla kernel, I then updated the box and she never came back up after that. Plus I had a very erratic mouse that drove me absolutely nuts and no sound. All apps did appear to run though.


If I load Kaylway would I have the same problems??? Could I take the updates? I'm very confused about all this.


On another note: I have 2 video cards laying around, an ATI 1300 512MB and a NVIDIA 7300GS 256MB, I stuck the NVIDIA in. Is that my best choice? I think NVIDIA is more compatable.



Thanks for helping a Noob out,


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