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Error 1335 help =)


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Hello all... I have a MACBook Pro 2.4 GHz


I'm a recent user of macintosh... I'm learning preatty cool about Mac OS X so far and i'm loving it ;)


Recently i found myself with a omfg problem... i'm almost giving up...


Used Bootcamp 2.0 from leopard to install windows vista ultimate... i installed all... with drivers and soooo it runs so good !! but when i went to Install a GAME i get ERROR 1335 ALL THE TIME IN ALL THE GAMES =||


I tried several diferent copies of many games! tried with Daemon tools with isos, tried to copy integral GAME folder to a temp past and intall from there and ERROR 1335 just keeps on comming... well i deleted the Windows vista ( that runs on my Media center and runs all that games ) and installed Windows XP SP2 and updated Windows Installer and so on... and the ERROR comes again only installing games !!!! ERROR 1335 "... couldn't read *cab* files..."



Tried all off this with tigger OS to with bootcamp 1.3b.... same error...


please... someone as expirienced this ? our solved this...


thank you in advance



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