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I need some help please ! with leopard


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hey guys thanx for taking the time to read this im new at this hackintosh its interested me alot now !!


my pc is running the leopard skins so im pretty much a noob on this subject.... so here it goes i wanna put leopard 10.5


i do need some help im gonna give u the description of my pc so u can let me know if i have a chance of doing this on my computer




motherboard: EVGA 680i

ram: 2 gigs of corsiar dominator @ 1066mhz

video card: X1900xtx 512mb redeon

audio: x-fi platinum

dvd drive: double layer BENQ DW1620


i have 4 hard drives 3 of them being SATA and 1 IDE all of them 250gigs Maxtor


thanx in advance here a pic of my cpu so u can get a better idea of what it has..




this what it looks like




hope some one could help me thank you again

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