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Finished install!...But get an error afterward. :( Please Help!


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Hey guys, I was trying to install Mac OS X 86 10.4.8 onto my computer. I went through the install process and it installed perfectly! But when it told me to restart my system into the new OS...I saw the mac screen (The apple and the spining thing below) then an error poped up over a black screen saying something like...Hold down restart but or turn off computer with power button. I do this and it displayes the same thing. Please help me! :D

Btw...I had 10.4.8 on the computer before but the screen flashed so i got a new graphics card.


My computer specs:

Intel Pentium 4 or D(can't remember, really sorry. But think it "4") 3.20 GHz Dual Core

4 gigs of Ram

360 gigs of hd, 160 and 200 gig

Nvidia 7300 GT Super (512MB)

Intel Motherboard


Please Help!

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