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Kernel Panic ATI Card


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Hy @ all


i have to ambush You guys ;) with my problem


I have successful installed Kalyway 10.5.1, but know I become always

a kernel Panic at Startup LOOK


how can I fix the Problem with my Graphic Card?

Can anybody help me ?


thx johndoit


(ps.: sry about my bad english)

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Might not be useful at all but have you tried booting with -v -f cpus=1

yes, its the same Kernel Panic;


I tried to boot with -x an the I´m in the Welcome Loop,

i hope it works with a new kext for my graphic card i found them here

but i don´t konw how i can install the kext ;

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i made it :)


i have startet with:


"Graphics Mode"="640*480*32" -x

so the OS can´t load the Welcome scren an i was able to start OSX 10.5.1

after I installed the graphic driver and everything is working fine


thx to all OSX86 Community

grats johnDOit



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