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which hardware for 10.4/10.5


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hey guys,


i want to buy a new computer to use for the osx86 10.4 or 10.5....

but. i dont want to pay more than 200/250€ ....

and at least 2x2ghz with 1/2gb ram..


i thought about this one:

Intel Pentium D805 2x2.66GHz BOX 2MB Dual Core


but i only have a 400W powersupplier... and this cpu use much energy...


so better an AMD?

the core2duo is a bit too expensive... :-))


also i searched for a mainboard for an amd.. but that which i found were too expensive.. (want one for about 50€) -


and... i can select the resolution 1680x1050 in the option? its needed to work good with my tft (other resos arent shown quite brilliantly :-((





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This is what I would do


Decide what I want to install.

Look for a guide like this one here:(10.5.1)


Download the thing and look at it for supported hardware.

BUY that hardware.


I know the 10.4.11 XxX release has a similar package that comes in with the download.

Again, check the supported hardware

BUY that hardware.


It gets does not get any more simple.

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I am getting ready to build a "vanilla" hackintosh.


The mobo is going to be: Intel D945GCNL


The processor is going to be: Intel Core 2 Duo E6550


The mobo/proc combo is able to run "vanilla kernel" and EFI.


Go with these items.


P.S. Stick with me kid! Mink Coat's, or Diamond dresses...haha

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