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A Beauty of an Install (Dell 420)


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Hello all. I would like to thank you all for my first successful install of an OS that hasn't been Windows. Linux gave me a nightmare with my wireless (Ubuntu, Fedora, Knoppix, Backtrack, Opensuse). I used the OS X Flat Image so that you can install it from Windows. My surprise was the fact that it took the whole drive. I had an external hard drive that my brother and I shared, and after making a backup of the external to my internal 250 gig hdd, i proceeded to install it. It is a 90 gig hard drive, and my brother does not know it has Mac OS X taking up 20gigs of it so I need to make a partition (I have a 15 gig ext3 that has linux on it atm but it can be wiped and made bigger) on my internal HDD and copy mac os x from the external to the internal drive.


Thanks for your help!

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