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Show us your rEFIt!


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I just started using rEFIt for dual-booting and I love it. My one complaint is that there's not a lot of community support for it. I expected to find a bunch of custom skins/hacks/tips/a forum/etc... but found none of that.


I put together my own custom skin (which I think is a great improvement over the original) and I imagine a lot of other people have too. So, if you've got a custom skin here's your chance to show it off. If you have bmp's and icon files to share that would be great too. I'll be posting mine when I get home tonight.


On another note... autodetecting bootable drives is OK, but wouldn't it be great if we could choose which partitions to show and which to hide? I know the author is working on removing the hardware test icon, which is a good improvement, but it would be much better if we could just have full control over showing, hiding, reordering, etc.

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