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Boot from hard drive.


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Hello all, recently i've been trying to install osx86 onto my Acer 3690 laptop, I've tried all sorts of different images, and now I would like to try a tiger one, the problem is my mac mini's dvd drive has seemed to of packed up! So I can't write the images to DVD now, and Leopard installed on the Acer doesn't seem to want to burn disks although system profiler seems to know what type of disks the burner can burn.


My question is, on my real mac I have a legal copy of my legal tiger and leopard dvd's, and on OS X using disk utility I can restore those images on an external usb hard drive, boot from them and install either tiger or leopard, and as the mac mini's dvd drive is misbehaving and I can't burn on the laptop, can anyone suggest how I go about restoring or copying the patched iso's to boot on x86 hardware. By the way, the laptop can boot from USB, I have several options, USB HDD, USB CD, USB Flash Stick. USB FDD etc..


I've tried restoring the images to hard drive and booting the laptop but no joy, i've even tried dd the iso image to the partition, the files show up on the partition by still nothing, wont boot! any help would be very much greatly appreciated, many thanks, Brodie.

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