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Time machine error


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My time machine is lost in the tunnel... I cant get it work....

I have 1 drive with 3 partitions:

disk1s1 Win{censored}

disk1s2 Leopard

disk1s3 intended for time machine formated hfs+


When i select disk1s3 for time machine it activate and said that will do a backup in 120sec. When the time comes i get the error "Volume not found" or something like that.

When i press the time machine icon in the dock it show correctly the "space" and the subsecuent windows but i cant do backups.

The drive is SATA in a MB ASUS M2NVP-MX with release from zephyroth 10.5.2 rev1


Any ideas?



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i had the same problem too after deleting an old backup....

what i did was writing zeros on the partition....

deleting the "old" folders on the main (where mac os is....from an dataimigration) drive and just after reboot

giving time machine the new drive for backup....after that it works but i´m not sure by what sry...

hope it helps



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