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OSX recommendation for my P4 (i875, Prescott) system


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I am new to this forum and completely new to the OS X x86 scene and hope,

it's okay, asking the question I ask.

Not knowing to choose "Hardware" or "OS x86 Installation" of the forum section,

I've decided for this one as you see. :(


Well, I read on this Forum about different things concerning this topic and know it's possible

to install MacOS X on following system configuration:


Gigabyte GA-8IK1100 Rev. 2 (i875P chipset, socket 478)

- probably no EFI Bios (but hopefully compatible)

- Intel Pro 100 VE ethernet network controller

- Realtek ALC658 audio chipset

- TI IEEE 1394 FW chipset

Intel Pentium 4, Prescott 3.2 GHz (SSE3)


So here are my questions:



Reading thru different posts I found the phrases "vanilla kernel", "pc_efi" and "kalyway".

I know what these things mean in general, but what exactly differs vanilla-kernel

from standard-kernel? Where can I find closer information?



Is kalyway the author of a certain distribution of MacOS X? Does other distributions exist?

What is the advantage of this distribution? Where can I find closer information?



Has anybody of you made some expierence running the MacOS X on i875 chipset?



Is there a general guide, where you can start setting up this system with this sys config?

(have read a little in http://wiki.osx86project.org/wiki/index.ph...llation_Guides)



Has anybody expierence running MacOS X on one disk with many different OS via GRUB?

(maybe this is a question for another forum, but hopefully someone can help?)

Currently I am running Windows Vista, Windows XP and 2 Linux distributions parallel via GRUB.



I suppose as read in other threads, MacOS X doesn't need a primary partition (it's a UNIX). :)

Can I use MacOS X native file system? Heard formatting a logical volume to FAT32 or NTFS is enough?

Where to find closer information?



How does the bootloader work?

Do you have closer information?



Will I notice system limitations due to the missing EFI?

(don't think so myself)


Okay, that's all for the moment. Finally need to say, I don't need except discriptions.

If you give me a hint or link, I will explore things myself. That's the better way.




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