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OS X Won't BOOT from my external hard disk :(

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Okay finally i succeded installing os x 10.5.1 Kalyway BUT

after i configure BIOS to boot first from USB Memory (i guess thats that external HD) it DONT boot but boot from laptop hd my windows xp mediacenter edition :)

The Boot sequel is:


1 USB Memory

2 Hard disk

2 cd-room/dvd



Tis was same as i installed ubuntu before on the same external hard disk, and that BOOTED of my hd without any problem.


is it maybe the VANILLA kernel, becuase when i did install and press the [F8] and did type vanilla it was loading darwin and the REBOOTED and started over again.


I use a Toshiba A100-405 LAPTOP


Thanks in advance

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please help me ;)


when switch on the laptop, there is on welcome screen "Press (F st for setup), (F st for boot order)

inside of Bios setup is napt needed to modify.

if it s not shown go find a "Wait to boot" place if there is 0

it shows you just "Toshiba" and go ahead.

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