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Bad CPU speed after wake up ?


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Hi all,


i've on a laptop, GM leo installer, upgraded to 10.5.2 with stock kext and kernel, thanks to EFI.


Everything works except two annoying thing :


1) sleep then wake up, the system works, but at a slow speed, like CPU or FSB has not been set to the corrected value.


2) i must set CPUS=1 at boot, or the system hangs randomly.



I tried Toh kernel 10.5.2. nothing better, even worse as it doesnt properly wake up.



Could you help me please ?


The worst thing i want to fix is the speed incorrect after sleep/wake.


THanks :)


BTW, its an NC6400 with T5500 centrino duo

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For the first issue, bad speed after wake up,


i think its the fsb which is not corrected by the kernel or ACPI, or the CPU which as a bad clock.


I inject code, and havec seen that speedstep is enabled by default on my latop, i cant disable it in bios, and i'm running stock kernel with speedstep... It might be the issue. I'm trying right now to disable speedstep with wrmsr(MSR_IA32_MISC_ENABLE,l &= (1<<16),h )...

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