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Can I use extract Zip File to specified location with automator?


I have searched google and apple.com but all i found was how to create archived files..

The Reason why Im Asking It Is because I found a site where i can back up my files real easy. So i figured if automator lets me make archived files then i maybe can extract them to.


Anyway here is the site.



If anyone knows how to do it. Then i would really appreciate it if u could let me know also.

Thanx 4 advance.

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i will try to find something, but can't promise anything since i am a beginner at applescript. I however have already an idea ...


UPDATE: i started thinking:


so you want a script that automatically extracts a zip file to a specified folder. I suppose you use the archive utility which is a built in application in OSX.

So the script should be:

-select archive (in finder, select it)

-choose destination (but this one is always the same folder, so this step must be skipped)


however, this would require me to write a new action and could take some time, because i am a beginner at this.


Will update this text later ...

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