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Hercules 16/12 FW over Audigy 2 ZS Firewire Port


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Hi, I have some problems with my audio setup on my Leopard. I have Zephyroth.


I have a ext. Firewire Audio interface. It called Hercules 16/12 FW. I also have a audigy 2 zs because i dont have a firewire port on my mainboard (msi k9ngm3). Leo doesnt recognize the audigy itself, but the firewire port is running somehow. So I certainy was able to install my Audio Interface. (with 10.4 drivers, there arent any for 1.5 yet, is that ok ?? ).


okkkaay, first test ... nothing ..... even nothing i could change in the audio properties. But I can see the device there and under system information, so I THINK that its all fine there.


then i downloaded a audiotool called Amadeus Pro. In this a found a panel where I can setup my audio interface. bitrates, resolution, buffer, etc. . Now, when I change he bitrate from 48 to 44.1 and back again, i HEAR SOUND !! .


Buuuuuut ..... on very minimal actions whatever I do. for example zooming in/out, opening another program, ..... just very very little things, the audio playback stops. when i press stop and play again the audio plays. But mostly of the time just for about 5-20 seconds when I use iTunes. In Amadeus I can play longer without stopping.



Anybody has any ideas what i could do ??


thank you

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