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Need help with buying new components

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I want to build a new Hackintosh with the components listed below. I want the hackintosh to be able running Logic 8 stable.

Could you also suggest a graphic card for my setup? My max.amount of cash for the graphic card would be 150 €



The components I want to buy:



CPU: Q66 189 €


CPU Cooler:

Zalman CNPS9700 LED (Sockel 754/775/939/940/AM2) 45 €




Gigabyte GA-X38-DS4 133 €




G.Skill 4096MB KIT PC2-8000 (DDR2-1000) CL5-5-5-15 90 €


(I a month I want to buy the same set again, 8Gb RAM then)


Graphic card:

Your suggestions and advices are welcome… The graphic card should be capable to resolve 1920 x 1200 (I own a 24” HP w2408h monitor) DVI or HDMI are a MUST




The components I already have(from my current system):

2x500 Gb Samsung LJ501 HDD ( SATA)


1 x 160 Gb Samsung HDD (IDE)



1 x M-Audio AUDIOPHILE 2496 PCI sound card


1x M-Audio Axiom 61 MIDI keyboard



1x 550 W no-name PSU



Will I have problems with MIDI using Leopard?



I want a dual boot system (Leo & Vista).. Which OS should I install first? Is even a triple boot system possible? (+ WinXp )


Many thanks in advance

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The wiki is your friend...


I say 8800gt with that setup, but any card in the list should work.


According to the 10.4.8 wiki, the 2496 Audiophile does not work. For OS X compatibility you might wanna stick to USB or firewire based cards. (well, check the list)


Yeah, you can triple boot!


Best of luck!

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First of all: THANKS for your reply!!


The Audiophile had no drivers for Mac previously..Now it does1 :P

URL: http://www.m-audio.com/index.php?do=suppor...3bfb8&OS=47


Hmm, the the 8800gt is really to expensive for me.. I DON'T want to game on that PC..So this would be a little to much power...I also own a XBOX 360..This baby is for this rare moments , I want play games.. ;-)


I searched for the mainboard in the WIKI and had no luck.. Is it maybe to new ??

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I searched for the mainboard in the WIKI and had no luck.. Is it maybe to new ??

Yeah, it's probably too new. If you wanna check if your stuff works, here's a great way to search the forum, type your search terms in google, and then "site:insanelymac.com". Eg "m-audio 2496 site:insanelymac.com"

...seems like that card doesn't work.


Get yourself a cheaper card, like a 7600GT. If you're still unsure about your motherboard, we know for a fact many P35 motherboards work perfectly, and they are excellent!

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