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T60 owners - LCD display issue

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I used to have a working T60 with native support for graphics out of the box.


I have started using my machine with a external display and dual displays for presentations. When returning home I booted my machine to find that the lcd display was on but just showing the boot initial light blue background.


I beleive that this was before I installed the graphics update. I have now done that and tried combinations of older kexts but cannot get the laptop lcd to come back on. When you have the light blue screen the compuet is up and running and programs started. If you plug in an external display it is detected and swaps with full resolution.


My question is (for other T60 owners) if you have the display working correctly, is the graphics in the system profile being reported as a Intel GMA 950 driver or the ATI x1000 ? My understanding is that it is a x1300 in a t60 but Im not sure wether I need to push down the Intel route or the ATI route for the driver.


Any hints to this frustrating issue would be much appreciated... especially as this worked origninally..!!!



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Fixed it. After the graphics update on the T60 (Apparently a Intel GMA945 chip) the Integrated Framebuffer.kext was updated. This was causing the display on the laptop to fail but the external screen would still work.


I resorted to the framebuffer kext from the Kellway 10.5.1 dvd and reapplied the latest GMA950 drivers from the graphics update. So the 950 kext is at version 1.5.24 and the framebuffer is 1.4.20


(Note this is on 10.5.2)

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Can you please post the framebuffer kext and the GMA950 drivers that you're using? Or email them to me in a zip file to spamdumpster@gmail.com?


I have kalyway 10.5.1 installed on my thinkpad x60s with the 10.5.2 update and the graphics update and am experiencing thesame problem you have. However, I deleted the GMA 950 drivers and I have no optical drive to load the framebuffer.kext from the kaly dvd. (I had to borrow a drive one to do the initial install).


Also, how did you "reapply" the GMA950 drivers -- did you just use the kext helper from the kaly dvd or did you chmod and chown them?



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