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Keyboard doesn't work on Acer Aspire 5920G...


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Well, I finally managed to get the installation working.

Then I found out the keyboard doesn't work!


Any way I can fix this?

I have an Acer Aspire 5920G... but other people on the forums who have the same notebook as me have managed to successfully install kalyway.


Also, I heard that WLAN and LAN won't work on this laptop... when will a fix come for this?



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relax :( just plug in a USB/PS2 keyboard during the installation. the keyboard will work fine after that..


as for WLAN.. read the forums, the 5920G uses the intel 4965.. and some guys are still working on a driver.


as for the LAN/ethernet card.. its abit tricky.. because somehow (i think) acer keeps disabling that card with some kind of control.. hence it isn't even detected as hardware - but i'm not sure =X saw some posts made by someone with similar laptop series and it said something like that.


a workaround is to:

WLAN - go to ebay, and order an Atheros 5008 series WLAN card, it should work perfectly fine once swapped..


also, you might want to google for the Acer 5920G service manuals and have a read. it teaches u alot of stuff!

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