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Build my own OSx86 DVD?

Tycho Brahe

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Heya folks,


A few months back I upgraded from an HP dv5178us notebook PC to a MacBook Pro 15". I bought Leopard as well, and I've nearly abandoned the HP machine. I'm hoping though to make it useful again and put Mac OS X on it. I used to run JaS 10.4.8 on it before I got the MacBook, so I know my machine's well capable. I would be getting the current kalyway DVD via the traditional methods, but my university has a ridiculous bandwidth limitation imposed on all Bittorrent (and other P2P) connections. It'd take me several days to get kalyway, and I'm wondering if I could just hack together my own OSx86 disc with my legit Leopard DVD.


I figure someone here knows how to do it or those ISOs wouldn't be cropping up on the internet. :unsure:


Anyone know who I would need to get in touch with to learn how to put one together?


Thanks to you all! This is the place that basically convinced me to go get a Mac!


- Tycho

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