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Leopard INstall HELP!


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ok so here it goes... this is my rig:


Motherboard: Asus Striker Extreme

CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E6400 @ 2.14ghz

Memory: 2 gb

Video: ATI Radeon X1600/X1650 Series 512 mb

Sata Dvd/cd burner

x2 200gb Sata Hdds


ok so here is the deal.... i have tried the Kalyway and iATKOS versions and no luck on install have follwed MANY diff install types but no luck.... not sure if i have the wrong versions or what but no luck.. the kalyway will go to the grey apple load screen but then quit... the iATKOS will not even load.. I have tried the same iATKOS with the AMD patch on my AMD laptop and it will install and all but will not load or boot or anything...

I need some help here as to why its not working... either my rig is not compat or i am doing something wrong.... please help... thanks

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