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945G-Pentium D-Nvidia 7300GT, Blk Screen


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After following the instructions here I found that I needed to wait a while for the black screen at boot to come back, but it DOES eventually come back at boot. It never comes back after sleep.


Here's what I have:

ECS 945G-M3 v.1 MBoard

Intel Pentium D 805

Nvidia 7600GT graphics, 256MB

disk0= Win XP

disk1= Hackintosh

bios is set to boot from disk1 first.


Here's how I did the clean install:

1. Installed from Kalyway_leo_10.5.1.iso


Formated disk as one partition, guid

at "Custom" option at install: choose guid option, no vanilla kernel, "desktop" graphics option for Nvidia, and sound option for Realtek under Audio.


After installation:

Booted again with DVD.

In terminal: diskutil list

fdisk -e /dev/rdisk1 (my disk's number)


f 2 (mbr=1, guid=2)




reboot , take dvd out.


Activated my disk's second partition:


* I did NOT do the Restore_Factory_Desktop_settings deal.


Downloaded and installed KalywayIntelCombo10.5.2




Did all updates from Software Update.


Changed back to "tohkernel" in root level:


Booted again with Kalyway dvd.

Opened terminal


cd /Volumes/Hackintosh (<-Yours bootdisk name here)

ls -la


( com.apple.boot.plist: kernel name must be "mach_kernel" => )


cp mach_kernel mach_kernel92 (copy old kernel with new name, if You want to do that)

cp -f tohkernel mach_kernel (copy tohkernel over mach_kernel)


chown root:wheel mach_kernel* (fix rightness...)

chmod 644 mach_kernel* (and userlevel)



Now, since I did the Leopard graphics update from the Software Update, is that where I fell off the boat?



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