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Problem booting tiger after installation


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Right after installing Leopard successfully on my Laptop i am trying to put Tiger on my desktop as i couldn't get leopard to even boot. I manage to install it no problems, but i cant get it to boot. I have searched the forums and found nothing that helps. This is what i did in the setup.


1. Booted from the DVD.

2. Disk Util and erased my HD and partitioned it into 1 partition setting the Master Boot record.

3. Selected my drivers and selected to have the apple thermal kext removed

4. Checked after installation with the Gparted live CD if the flags where set to boot and yes they were.

5. Try to boot system and as soon as it gets to the apple loading screen it comes up asking me to restart with a load of commands behind it. (if anyone needs me to write down all the commands then i have no problem doing so)


I have tried many things and i just cant seem to get it. If anyone at all can help me i will be every so grateful


Thanks Jay :blink:


EDIT: another thing i used the Uphuck 10.4.9 install DVD

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i've MAC OS X 10.4.8 but when i start my computer, apear the logon screen (grey screen with an apple in the center) but when this finish, the screen shutdown and MAC don't run.

can somebody help me?

can the problem be in the efi or in the darwin boot?



sorry, i'm spanish and my english isn' well



tengo MAC OS X pero cuando se inicia mi PC, aparece la pantalla de inicio (la pantalla gris con la manzana en el centro) pero cuando esto termina, la pantalla se apaga y MAC no funciona.

alguien puede ayudarme?

pude que el problema este en el efi o en el darwin boot?


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