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problems booting leopard!

Bassam Ahmad

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hi, let me just begin by how great is this site, i think its the only one on the internet

thats its only aim is to help pc users to have a taste of macintosh

but the site needs SE(search engine) improvements



my problem ai got the DVD SL good by using the brazilmac patch, the patch worked fine, and if it ddnt the setup wont boot right?

i installed correctly, boot doesnt work except from the dvd(booting the HD from the DVD), otherwise it gives me an error that i dont have a valid boot


1-so my first question how to make it boot from the HD?


offcourse before applying the postpatch, the system resets


2- i applied the post patch, everything went fine

when i boot, i get a grey message that i have to restart the system


i tried cd /volumes/leopard/system/library/extensions (enter)

mv appleefiruntime.kext appleefiruntime.kext.post

then i got a read only message, i think its a success

tried it again, and pressed ls, the file is renamed


3- How to dual boot it with vista, i want vistabootloader to boot to mac and not the otherway

tried easy bcdeit, it said read error, when i choose mac


i just want to thank everyone that made it possible to run it on PC

although i ddnt finish the project, but i had really great fun, u know learning something new :)



hope i can get it running



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i cant boot to leopard


hey do i have to copy files from the DVD to boot leopard from hard disk?

i can only boot from vista bootloader

i made the mac osx entry, when i choose it, it says disk read error

press alt ctrl del to reboot


hw can i fix the boot by using bcdedit

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