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Clean install with Zephyroth 10.5.2. How to partition the HD?


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I want to give Leopard every chance I can to work, so I am going to erase my primary 80GB HD (SATA), repartition and reinstall.


I would like to install WinXP (getting rid of Vista), Leopard 10.5.2, and possibly Ubuntu.


I have an Asus 8N... de luxe motherboard, AMD x2 3800, 1 80GB SATA HD, 1 250GB SATA HD.

(Will find the exact specs if needed)


The questions:

  1. How should I partition my drive?
  2. Which OS goes into which partition
  3. Would it be better to use several different HDs?
  4. Which OS should be installed first?
  5. Is it possible to have just one bootscreen? Be it Darwin/Grub/or whatever windows uses...

Some of this has probably been covered in other forums, but I could not find a good guide. If you know one, please post the link!


I thank you all in advance!

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There's this kool guide here for installing Leopard on an AMD computer

It's especially good for partitioning i thought, but it only uses 2 OS', but it should still help.


As for your questions, i personally use only XP and Leopard, so i can help with those only (not ubuntu aswell) So this is just what i did and for me its working perfectly and we have similar specs so it should be good... so then, your questions:


1 - Partition your drive however big you like using partition magic, if you can get your hands on it anywhere, its good. Make 2 Partitions, the first for XP the second for Leopard, whatever size u like.. Then [from the guide]


In Vista, hit [windows button] + R. In XP, go to start > Run. Type 'diskpart' (without quotes) in the run window and press OK.


In the command window, type:

>> List disk

>> Select disk [disk #]

>> List partition

>> create partition primary id=af

>> active



2 - [in my case] XP first, then Leopard.


3 - It should't matter to much, I personally use 1 250gb split into 2 partitions, but 2 diff HDD should be good too, so if you don't have 2, don't stress!


4 - I installed XP first, I recommend that.


5 - for me, when i installed Leopard last, it automatically made a dual boot screen, it has Leopard as the main OS.

I'm not sure if thats normal or if i just got lucky, but it does the job fine to get me into XP if i want.


Sorry if this seems rushed [cause it is] but i hope it helps.



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