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"Chain Boot Error" after restore on dual-boot system


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Hi, I have recently installed Leo to dual boot with Vista following devilhood's EXCELLENT guide over the past few days and all's going well.


However, I tried to clone the OSX partition onto another HDD partition and when i restored it there was a "Chain boot error".


The details:


1. Vista previously installed on disk1 partition1. A partition on the SAME hdd was made with id=af ready for OSX (as instructed by the guide)

2. WIth the OSX installer disc, i went into Disk Utility and partition+erase another 2nd internal HDD (disk2) for future OSX backups.

OSX was then installed on to first hdd.

3. Vista boot loader repaired and with EasyBCD, I can load into both into Vista and OSX.


Problem with backup and restore:

I tried the Disk Utility (from within OSX and within Installation stage, SuperDuper, Clone Hatchery.

I will back up my OSX partition to the 2nd HDD (disk2) partition , then restore it back to my OSX partition on disk1.

When i restart, boot into VIsta is OK, but when i boot into OSX, I got the "Chain Booting Error"

The id is still AF. I cannot work out why this is so. Is it because the backups done are rendered unbootable somehow? or the bootloader did something funny?



Hope someone will help. Thanks!

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