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10.4.3 only starts if I have the installer disk, help!

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Hi Everyone,


I followed the profit42 install guide to the "T". After assigning the new partition "active" with partition magic 8, when the PC rebooted I got a weird message. The message "BE BE" with some weird symbols showed up after the motherboard went through its startup. I then started the PC with the patched installer DVD disk and had to "erase" the partition using the Apple Disk Utility so it would see the disk for installation. The system loaded perfectly with no problems. I re-booted (shutdown) several times and it worked great. Then I forgot I had the install DVD in the drive, removed it and later re-booted and got the weird "BE BE" message with the system hung. It never got to the darwin bootup. I tried several bootups without any luck. I then decided to put the dvd installer disk in the drive and viola, the system booted normally. When I say it boots normally, the darwin screen with timer displays, then the OSX blue spinning loading bar displays and boots right into the operating system. Any ideas? How do I check within OSX86 whether or not the partition is active or not?


By the way, I'm running an MSI 915GLM-V 915GL 775 motherboard, Kingston 512MB PC3200, Panasonic MAT{censored}A DVD-RAM LF-D310 (old DVD burner from 2001), INTEL CELERON D 2.53G 775 326, and the macosx_10.4.3_8f1111_for_dtk_userdvd.dmg version installed via the profit42 guide. With his guide I was able to allocate 30GB for OSX86, very cool! Much better than the 6GB limit I had before.


Thanks for the help!



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Update, Acronis Disk Director solved my problem. I installed windows xp on the smaller partition and installed Acronis Disk Director Suite. I then installed OS Selector, and viola, I have a dual boot system that works! I don't need to have the OSX disk in the drive to boot, too easy!


Thanks profit42 for your easy to follow guide.



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