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VMware not working with JaS Intel/AMD PPF1+PPF2

Cody B

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Hello! I have this problem with the iso file: Mac OS X 10.4.8 [JaS AMD-Intel-SSE2-SSE3 with PPF1 & PPF2].iso


For some reason, when I try and boot the file from VMware (through a virtually mounted disk via UltraISO), I get the error


Operating System not found.

The reason I am doing this in VMware is because my computer won't boot this iso file (burned and verifyed to a DVD-R.) When I try and boot from this DVD in my computer (which is a P4 and SSE and SSE2 compatible), I get an "EBIOS ERROR", and eventually the disk hangs at the kernel version (can post the error if needed).


Yes, I have read the EBIOS thread in the other forum channel, but have not gotten a solution. I think it may have to do with my hardware configuration, because my IDE cable that connects to my DVD drive (currently is slave) is not on the same ribbon as the IDE cable that connects to my hard drive. I had tried to connect the DVD drive as the master and my hard drive as the secondary on the same IDE cable that was originally connected to my hard drive, but I immediately got an error when starting the computer that there was no disk in the drive, and said to press enter when I put one in.


Currently, this is how it is setup:


Blue-connection ribbon-

DVD-RW drive: Master

DVD drive: Slave


Black-connection ribbon-

Hard drive: Master

[nothing connected to slave]


Anyone know how to fix this? When I find a solution, I will update this post :D




I did find a solution, that only got me a little further. I used CloneDVD to burn a new DVD-R at 1x speed, and the computer no longer reports an EBIOS error when starting up (not in VMware, using a real computer). But, when I start up the computer and get to the blue screen with the beachball cursor, I get an error saying that there has been a problem, and OS X installation can't continue (forces me to restart the computer). I have saved the log file to my hard drive, and will look and post it later today.

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