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[RESOLVED] How do you make Fusion see XP drive as bootcamp?

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Thanks for the PM morgang.


Fusion did see my drive as bootcamp without extra work, however it would quit when I tried to start it. I tried the workaround to manually create the virtual disk link, but it would do the same.


Parallels booted right up without any problems, so I'm just going to go with that for now.

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I've seen a couple of reports that VMWare automatically finds your XP partition / drive as a bootcamp volume without any trouble & lets you boot off of it.


Is this really the case? If so, how would I partition my drive? Plain ol' MBR? I'm giving XP its own drive.


I don't really know about Fusion, I'd love to try it, maybe. Because most of people think that to choose one app, it's necessary to try both. How do you think?


Now I use parallels. I remember I had no problems with instalation. It works good.

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Resolved my problem with Fusion. It's actually the same problem the MB Air users are having due to the lack of a CD-ROM.


My IDE CD-ROM doesn't work on my motherboard, and I don't care enough to fix it at the moment.


I just had to uncheck the "Connect" for the CD-ROM box in my BootCamp VM config, which stopped Fusion from crashing on boot.


Apparently Fusion goes to boot off the CD-ROM first, & if it's no there, it's not smart enough to just go on.


Just a note...


I installed XP the way you would on a normal PC with NTFS on a separate drive. MBR Partition created during XP install. Fusion saw it as BootCamp.

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