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For Sale: Dell 17" E1705/9400 OSX/XP Dual Boot


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I am selling my Dell 17" E1705 Hackintosh delight. I have been using OSX on this laptop as my main computer for almost a year. Since I upgraded my hard drive and reinstalled OSX, I have had zero crashes, so the system is very stable. There is a great thread documenting the E1705 maintained by devilhood in the genius bar.(http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=15474) This dell can be seen as a MacBook Pro substitute. This laptop has been my regular machine for the last two years, but I am very particular about taking care of my stuff. There are no scratches, dead pixels, gouges or anything like that at all. The screen is flawless and all parts of the laptop are in perfect working order.


I'm looking for $1,000 OBO. Obviously, this is sold 'as is' because OSX is installed and the primary OS, but the dell warranty would be in full force, so the hardware is protected. Shipping would just be whatever it cost for how soon you wanted it. It has an extra battery, extra power cord and two cases along with original discs that came with it. It also has over 1 year warranty left from dell (transferrable). Since I upgraded the video card, you will also get the original as a backup. I would prefer paypal and if desired, I would put this up on eBay, as it is. PM me or post with questions. Pics attached.


Some features:

Dual boot Mac OSX 10.4.10 with Darwin 8.9.1 and Windows XP

Partition information:

XP: 15 GBs (I rarely boot into), OSX: 134 GBs

  • I use the DVI out for a second monitor and it runs flawlessly (see pics)
  • sleep works fine
  • I run all the adobe apps, final cut express and other intensive apps with no problems. For what I use it for, I need to have windows xp open most of the time and this works as well as any mac with vmware fusion.
  • graphics running at 1920x1200 in OSX, 1900x1200 in XP.

Things that don't quite work perfectly:

  • On this particular install, i haven't been able to get both cores to work. I have it set at one core. There is tons of discussion on this in the E1705 topic referred to above. On my previous install, before my hard drive upgrade, I was able to use both cores with the sleep trick efficiently. It worked on this install at first, but then started hanging on boot. I haven't had the time or desire to try to get it working again, but I know it is doable. Some e1705's have trouble with sleep, but I never have. Dual core is a mixed bag on the E1705. When it works, you have a 17" macbook pro for a ton less, when it doesn't, you still have a solid laptop, just not quite as snappy. The 2GB of RAM helps a lot in both XP and OSX.
  • Speakers will not mute when you plug in the headphone jack. The jack works fine, just doesn't mute the laptop speakers when you plug in. this is a problem with all E1705s and has been worked on extensively with no solution as of yet.

If you would like to purchase this as strictly a windows xp machine, I would reformat and reinstall xp fresh for you. These are great machines either way.



Dell Inspiron 9400/E1705

17" Ultra Wide XWGA Glossy Screen

Service Tag: 1Q61R91

Purchased 4/2/06, Warranty through 4/2/09

T2400 1.83GHz, CoreDuo, 2MB, 667MHz Processor

2GB RAM (upgraded)

160 GB Western Digital Scorpio SATA, 5400 RPM (upgraded)

Go 7900GS 256mb (upgraded)

Toshiba DVD+/-RW 8x

Dell Truemobile 1390 Wireless MINI Card 802.11 b/g

Bluetooth, 6 USB, Firewire

2 Batteries (both covered by warranty)

2 Power Cords

Extra: Original ATI x1400 256mb video card

Extra: Shoreline 17" laptop sleeve/jacket


Extra: Targus 17" case






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i had it up on ebay last week and it sold for 780 but the guy that bought it was from poland and i didn't want to ship outside of the US. It was a US only sale. Oh well. I am going to put it back up in the next day or so. I think that is a pretty good price if anyone is interested.

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