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Need some help


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Hello again everybody...

i have got some problems installin osx 10.5.2 amd on my pc....


I have got:

Motherboard: ASUS M2N -SLI DELUXE

processor:Amd duocore 5000+

graphix card :Nvidia gforce 8600gts

1 ide harddrive


so.. i loaded the dvd image an burned it 1x (slowest)

when i iert the disk to instll leo (just pressing enter) there is no white screen like i saw it in some videos....

i know that it is possible with m mainboard.....


the problem is , that its sometimes saying that it has a firewire error....it says:

Error: FireWire unable to determinate security mode; defaulding to full secure

....after that it says that its a bad burned dvd...whats impossible...i burned it twice with differend programms.....on differend dvds......i made a video of my booting......

maybe thats more information




sorry for quality

i hope u can help me...... :(

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