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Finally got everything working after 2 years


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Finally after 2 years of quietly following the OSX project my pc is working fully.(D 830, ati x1950pro(QE/CI works) , sigmatel 9200, netgear 311t). Stable except for restarting. speed step works. From 10.4.1 to 10.5.1 and 6 burnt dvds later it works


After using the system i must admit although OSX is clearly designed better the windows taskbar is much better in controlling programs. Maximize button where are u??lol . OSX also has better designing programs like Final Cut and keynote. For those who say u can't run OSX x86 as your main OS i think the day is coming where the OSX project will finally give a stable platform with everything working. I remember back in 10.4.1 when java couldn't work. Now pretty much every program will work. Only time i really crash is when i click sata on profiler.


Also I have to point out that some stuff they do not mention on the installing guides. OSX X86 NEEDS TO HAVE A PRIMARY PARTITION TO DUAL BOOT. its not like linux. PLS tell us this first mygod i treated OSX like another linux and was thoroughly frustrated for half a day. When MS creates a partition it makes it an extension not a primary partition. So the chances of a person just installing it his pc with an empty partition and hoping for a dual boot is pretty much non-exsistant. Also I had the looping problem in the account creation screen but manage to solve it with a guide.


Couple of things i must say


Even if i were to buy an apple PC i don't know which to choose


Macmini. 950 gma 64mb ram forget it!!

Apple TV. 256mb ram. no

imac lousier video card, hard disk, ram than what i have. No

Mac Pro just too expensive.


If jobs would only create a section between Mac Pro and imac which allowed you to fix and put in your own stuff. or he could just sell mac motherboards(btw is there anyway to buy a mac pro motherboard legally i don't need the other mac stuff their pretty {censored}). or he could sell a cheaper MAC pro( i really don't need the ability to strap on xeons). The real reason why a lot of PC enthusiast don't want to move to a mac is because we have invested so much money into our gear and we know that the Mac parts are not on par.


I also feel that apple's belief system is detrimental in the market place. They have a product which has a potential to win over huge market share and give MS the competition it needs. MS is right now churning out terrible products because its the monopolizer( The only thing really good about vista is the sound equalizer). I just can't believe jobs is turning down such a huge opportunity like this. Nearly all the work has been done for him in this forum, its only his belief system that is holding him back(and the potential of a lot of support problems).




Special thanks to maxuss, JAS, the team behind atkosi, bronya(when i bought the x1950pro they said this card would never work on OSX).

Thanks to inihilist for writing the dual booting guide . BTW symuc if u can get that Intel 3945ABG my X60s and $30 in my wallet would be eternally grateful.

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