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OSX 10.51 or 10.52 for Dell Inspirion 1100 STOCK


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I have a Dell Inspiron 1100 with 512megs of RAM and my XP is finally offically flunked up big time. So Im going to have to do a reinstall but was thinking if it would be possible for this older latop to run 10.5x on it and make it a qusa Macbook.


Yea the video card is a built in intel chipset but I should work for basic needs..


Can anyone here tell me #1 if this is possible on 10.5x and #2 what CD or install program would I bee looking for?


Also if there is an install guide at all please point me there. Im looking through the forums and while I see it was possible for 10.4 and earlier installs I do not see anything for 10.5x so Im questing those in the know!


Thanks in advance guys!




I own an Imac 24 10.52 already but want a Hackintosh laptop!

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