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8800GTS 640MB G80


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I have this beautiful Card. My problem is.. i feel that i am not getting the performance it deserves.


My specs are in the sig.


This is the G80, not the new G92.

I am currently running 10.5.2 and the newest .33 drivers and the Graphic update. 10.5.1 still seemed sluggish.


I have Tried Punk92's Installer, and the installer made especially for G80 basically 8000 series.


My openGL Benchmarks in Xbench and OpenGL bench tests are very slow. In addition to Open GL (which seems to be the worst) all the other ones are pretty horrible. In Benchmarks, users on this forums with 7000 series video cards are destroying my benches. My overall Xbench Score for a 100 percent perfect install (and i mean perfect, everything is great) is far to low.. and at some points i notice the crappy performance.


Playing Some simple games like Halo can become choppy at points.


Dont answer saying "Xbench is terrible judge"

-The fact is, Xbench is bad, but it proportionally as bad for everyone else.. and everyone else seems to be getting better bench results.

-Also, i have used other benchmarks.



If it give you an idea, My OpenGL scores in Xbench Peak at 160.. 150 at the best. My X1900XTX (yes a good card, but not as good as the 8800gts) gets 250 easily.


Now it could be as simple as this card not being 100 percent supported.. but i would like another opinion, some experiences from somebody who uses this card. Thanks

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just ran Xbench on a macbook with coreduo and gma 950. The OpenGL test was about 220 points. a full 60-70 points better than my 8800GTS


any suggestions are helpful

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I'm seeing a similar problem on my nVidia card (8700m GT), and I can't seem to find a root cause - to be very specific, it's detecting and utilizing OpenGL acceleration correctly, providing Quartz Extreme/Core Image support, able to use all features that require acceleration such as screen zooming, Exposé, video playback, and even OpenGL games such as Quake 4, but the performance for all of the above is absolutely abysmal. By comparison, a Macbook Pro with an X1600 videocard which should be crushed by this card is providing silky smooth Exposé and faster performance in Quake 4.


I've tried a broad range of setups and situations, including fresh installs of personally-modified native vanilla installs, Kalyway, installers made by others for the 10.5.2 nVidia kexts that have pre-added PCI IDs and repair the permissions automatically, installs of the vanilla kexts then modified to include my PCI ID, and finally both the NVinject to recognize the card, and a PCI EFI string which can also successfully get it to recognize. All of the above produce the exact same results - recognizing the card as functional without errors, acceleration for features that even looks good, but at terrible performance rates.


I've searched for this extensively and just have not been able to find any information, but I've seen a few occasional posts referring to the same issue. It's not the norm. Anybody have any input? The hardware in this case is almost irrelevant, this appears to be a configuration issue directly relating to nVidia + 8xxx series cards only as far as I've read.

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Anyone with either of our 2 cards, can you please run benchmarks and tell us the results.. then we can deal it out from there.


I have 2 of these cards, tried both, not an equipment error.


here is a picture of the Mac.nub results.. and the NvInject .31 installer results



just tried the natit and nvinject off kalyway dvd... only difference was it screwed my system profiler values




I am about to test the punk92 version 2 driver and then the .33 kexts

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