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My computer hangs during usage or if I change screensaver


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Hello guys!!! how you been? I've been having a big issues since a couple of months now and I really don't find a solution for it!

Let me give you a better explanation of the situation.


I'm using right now Tiger 10.4.10 from tubgirl, and the issue that I have it, that when using the PC in the middle of any application the PC hangs, I only got the little ball spinning of my cursor and that's it, I mean I can move it around but after hangs I can't do anything else, I can't click on anything else, I've tried with the option cpus=1 and the same problem. and also happens when I try to change the screensaver, if I try to change any screensaver hangs.

I been using OS X for quite a while but these problems it's been with me since I started to use it, I have a DFI nForce 4 ultra-d mobo, I read that with that mobo the SATA controller has issues, so I thought that was the problem, so I bought a IDE HDD and installed it everything all over again and worked perfect for months, but I tried to update the version of OS X and the problem started to happen again, I tried with several OS X version from 10.4.4 up to these one that I'm using now and still the same problem.

I tried also with Leopard but I couldn't boot if I don't choose -x on the startup, so I installed first the uphuck 10.4.9 V1.3 and then updated to Tubgirl's 10.4.10 but the same thing, I used the nForceATA.kext the most newest one, and still the same problem. I'm a certified tech, but with these issue I don't really know what it is, probably it's a BIOS setting or a kext file I don't know, please guys give a hand!!! :)


My specs:


  • AMD Opteron 165 socket 939 Dual Core
  • DFI nForce 4 ultra-d
  • Sapphire Radeon x1800GTO Pci-e with quartz extreme enabled
  • OCZ Enhanced bandwidth PC-4000 2GB kit
  • OCZ Gamer X 700W
  • RAID 0 500GB with 2 Seagate SATA HDD
  • Maxtor 40GB IDE HDD
  • Lite on DVD+/- lightscribe drive
  • PS2 Keyboard and mouse Thermaltake Tsunami Dream
  • Creative labs sound blaster audigy LS

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I think that I can answer these problem that I'm havin myself. I remenber now that when I was using OS X with my IDE drive I had a Athlon 64 3000+ and then a 3500+ , but since I changed to my Opteron 165 I think it's when the problem started to happen, I'm not sure if it is the problem or a setting on my mobo, but it's the only hardware that I can think of that might be affecting me now. But please guys if you know a solution for my problem please help me out.

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So far seems that I'm the only one that it's working on these issue... well here's what I found out, today I installed several version of OS X from 10.4.8 to 10.5.2 Leopard, using different HDD, I used a SATA and IDE drive and I had the same results on both, so far the I isolated the problem to the video card, how you may ask? well, I tried first the SATA drive will all the installations, whiout drivers and most of them worked fine, but after I tried to install the video drivers or made a clean install with the drivers, the problem started again, after that I tried with the IDE drive and the same problem happend. So the video drivers are the issue, here, I'll see what I can find about these problem, but if you know a way how to to fix it, well don't doubt to help me out, thanks' ^_^

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