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No Audio on Vaio Laptop (VGN-N320E)


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I've searched far and wide and I can't find a solution on this.


I have a Sony Vaio laptop, model number VGN-N320E running OSX86 Leopard. Everything works fine (Wifi, battery, etc..) but I can't get any sound.


I've looked on the forums where people have had similar problems, but their fixes don't work for me.


Any suggestions?

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I followed this tutoial here on InsanelyMac with two minor changes.



As you can see you have to have AppleAC97Audio.kext and AppleAzaliaAudio.kext in your

/System/Library/Extensions folder.

You also need your sound vendor id and device id. Plus you need to know your ich number,

mine was ich7 but i do not know enough to say that yours would have to be the same.

By the way, my vendor id is 0x8086 and my device id is 0x27d8. If you have Windows already

on that laptop,supposedly you can use that to get those ids. Since i use linux,not Windows, i

do not know how that is done. It is very easy info to get with linux.

When you have the kexts and other info, post back and i'll talk about that tutorial. I'm off on

disability presently so i can check this thread often here at home.

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I guess you could post on the Ubuntu forums to find out how to get those ids




you could download PCLinuxOS 2007 live cd. Then after booting it up, click on the black and blue

circular icon with a wrench and screwdriver in it. That takes you into the PCLinuxOS control center.

Then click on Hardware from the list on the left side.Then click on the first icon that says "Look at

and configure the hardware". Then click on your soundcard from the list that appears and you will

get all the ids.

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