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How to simply restore Vista mbr?


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Hi everybody,


My desktop is running Vista + Ubuntu now.

The mbr is occupied by Vista, and I use EasyBCD to edit vista bootloader.


I am going to install Mac OS X in another partition in the same disk. And I still want to use EasyBCD to control multiple boot.

I believe OS X will overwrite the mbr after installation. And after the installation, I cannot get into Vista. Am I right?

So I am gonna need to restore mbr to vista.


One solution I found on the web is using the command "bootrec.exe /fixmbr", and another is using a rescue button from Vista installation DVD.

For the first one, I cannot find "bootrec.exe" neither from the DVD nor from my desktop.

For the second one, it won't work if mbr is messed badly. ( I just followed this page http://neosmart.net/wiki/display/EBCD/Reco...er+from+the+DVD )


Does anybody know the second method will work?

Or is there another simple way?



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Yes, the second method works. The key is to set the Vista partition as active, otherwise resuce mode won't find your Vista install. There may be easier ways out there, but here is what I did:


<<to set Vista partition as active>>

Booted from Vista DVD. Go into rescue mode -> command prompt. Use diskpart (type 'diskpart') and set your Vista partition back to active:

- select disk x (x= # with vista installed on it)

- select partition x (x = # of vista partition, likely 1)

- active


<<use resuce mode to get your vista install back>>

Reboot a second time with your Vista DVD inserted, go to rescue mode and let it automatically find your Vista install. It will recover it and automatically reboot. Take DVD out, reboot, and you are back into Vista.


<<create entry for OSX>>

Next thing you need to do is create your Mac OS entry in the Vista boot loader. Use bcdedit with the following commands (from the Vista command prompt with admin rights):


C:\Users\username>bcdedit /create /d "Mac OS Leopard" /application osloader

The entry {guid provided here} was successfully created.


C:\Users\username>bcdedit /set {insert guid from above} PATH \chain0

The operation completed successfully.


C:\Users\username>bcdedit /set {insert guid from above} device boot

The operation completed successfully.


C:\Users\username>bcdedit /displayorder {insert guid from above} /addlast

The operation completed successfully.

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